Published Date:12 novembre 2020

U2, un groupe musical d’origine irlandaise, a traversé l’histoire des années 1980 jusqu’à nos jours : le chanteur Bono (Paul David Hewson), The Edge (David Howell Evans) à la guitare, Larry Mullen Jr. à la batterie, et Adam Clayton à la basse ont, en harmonisant leurs individualités respectives, réinterprété le genre rock, à partir d’une idée désormais monolithique et formulée dans la fameuse phrase « drogues, sexe et rock’n’roll », créant ainsi une musique qui exprime les angoisses personnelles, les drames des guerres, la complexité de la communication et les itinéraires de sa foi personnelle.

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[1] « I was a sailor, I was lost at sea / I was under the waves / Before love rescued me ».

[2] « I used to make love under a red sunset / I was making promises I was soon to forget / She was pale as the lace of her wedding gown / But I left her standing / Before love came to town ».

[3] Bono on Bono. Conversazioni con Michka Assayas, Milan, Sperling & Kupfer, 2005, 81.

[4] « I was there when they crucified my Lord / I held the scabbard / When the soldier drew his sword / I threw the dice when they pierced his side / But I’ve seen love conquer the great divide ».

[5] « When love comes to town / I gonna jump that train / When love comes to town / I gonna catch that flame / Maybe I was wrong to ever let you down / But I did what I did / Before love came to town ».

[6] « I can’t believe the news today ».

[7] « And the battle’s just begun / There’s many lost, but tell me who has won ».

[8] « The trench is dug within our hearts / And mothers, children, brothers, sisters / Torn apart ».

[9] « He set my feet upon a rock / And made my footsteps firm / Many will see / Many will see and fear / I will sing, sing a new song ».

[10] « To claim the victory Jesus won ».

[11] « War, war she is the refugee / Her mama say one day she’s gonna live in America / In the morning she is waiting / Waiting for the ship to sail, sail away ».

[12] « One man come in the name of love / One man come and go / One man come he to justify / One man to overthrow / In the name of love ».

[13] « One man betrayed with a kiss ».

[14] « Free at last, they took your life / They could not take your pride / In the name of love / One more in the name of love ».

[15] « Sleep, sleep tonight / And may your dreams be realized / If the thunder cloud passes rain / So let it rain, rain down on him / So let it be / So let it be ».

[16] « If you twist and turn away / If you tear yourself in two again / If I could, yes I would / Let it go / Surrender, dislocate ».

[17] « This desperation, dislocation / Separation, condemnation / Revelation, in temptation / Isolation, desolation ».

[18] « Cold these eyes, I can’t believe it / Cold, this heart is slow / Heart is stone ».

[19] « I see seven towers ».

[20] Lovie dovie est une expression pour désigner les drogues synthétiques.

[21] « You know you’re chewing bubblegum / You know what that is but you still want some / cause you just can’t get enough of that lovie dovie stuff / Let go, let’s go… Discothèque ».

[22] « And I try to sing this song, / I, I try to stand up / But I can’t find my feet / I try, I try to speak up / But only in you I’m complete ».

[23] « I want to run, I want to hide / I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside / I wanna reach out and touch the flame / Where the streets have no name ».

[24] Cf. Bono, « Introduzione », dans : I libri della Bibbia. Salmi, Torino, Einaudi, 2000.

[25] « Love rescue me / Come forth and speak to me / Raise me up and don’t let me fall ».

[26] « No man is my enemy / My own hands imprison me ».

[27] « Yea, though I walk / In the valley of shadow / Yea, I will fear no evil ».

[28] « I have cursed thy rod and staff / They no longer comfort me ».

[29] « I stand with the sons of Cain / Burned by the fire of love ».

[30] « Hope Faith, her vanity / The greatest gift is gold ».

[31] « Grace, she takes the blame / She covers the shame /Removes the stain ».

[32] « Lookin’ for to save my, save my soul / Lookin’ in the places where no flowers grow / Lookin’ for to fill that God-shaped hole / Mother, mother-suckin’ rock and roll ».

[33] « God’s got his phone off the hook ».

[34] « A boy tries hard to be a man / His mother takes him by the hand ».

[35] « Midnight, our sons and daughters / Were cut down and taken from us ».

[36] « In the wind we hear their laughter / In the rain we see their tears / Hear their heartbeat / We hear their heartbeat ».

[37] « I give you back my voice / From the womb my first cry, it was a joyful noise ».

[38] « Only love, only love can leave such a mark / But only love, only love can heal such a scar ».

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